Mechanical and electronic torque wrenches – Main similarities and differences

Mechanical and electronic torque wrenches are the most popular and most widely used torque tools.  Both types allow user to apply precise torque value on wide range of joints whenever it is necessary, but through differences in their technical characteristics and capabilities, they usually find  different use and places of their application.
Mechanical torque wrenches are little less precise as their electronic counterparts and they are used everywhere there where  +/- 4%  accuracy is sufficient to complete the tightening.  Thanks to characteristic “click” sound – which informs operator of reaching set torque value, they are perfect tools to be used  in assembly and maintenance process, where fast work is needed and time is out of assets. In our offer customers can choose suitable for their needs wrenches, covering wide torque range – from 1 Nm up to 2000 Nm.
Electronic torque wrenches possess higher accuracy – 1%, they are equipped with internal memory of 2000 measurements and are supplied to customers with PC communication softwear,  which enables user to program the wrench and to download saved measurements from the built-in memory.  All these features makes them very useful in precise assembly operations, quality control,  and they also find good use in general research work – for example,  where user have to assess what torque value can be applied to the joints  or materials without damaging them or injuring operator or final users of the produced goods. Our offer includes different types of electronic torque wrenches in range from 5 cNm (0,05 Nm) up to 2000 Nm.
In both types of wrenches user can change the ratchet heads to open spanner ends or ring spanner ends  - in mechanical types up to 335 Nm and in electronic types up to 400 Nm, above this torque value, possibility of supplying wrenches with exchangeable ends is always assessed according to individual needs and technical possibilities .
All wrenches in our offer, are delivered to customers with suitable calibration certificates – valid for 12 months from purchasing date, and with detailed manual for the final user. 


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