Wireless Torque Tools

Wireless Torque Tools
All electronic torque tools from our offer (wrenches, screwdrivers, testers) in range from 5 cNm up to 2000 Nm are also available In „wireless” version. Basic advantage of this type of tools lies in possibility of establishing direct, wireless  communication between the specific tool and PC (or any other device working on windows softwear), which enables users to send torque measurement results directly to measurements collecting program – delivered with each tool free of any extra charge.
To establish communication with external devices, user has to acquire at least one “Wireless Receiver”, which is receiving data sent by tools and then transmits them to PC via USB or RS connection – depends on customer needs and requirements. Wireless Receiver can simultaneously collect data from few different tools, and each transmitted data string includes unique device serial number – this way user can identified from which tool given measurement was sent. Data string includes also ; precise time, date, setting number, torque value, setting parameters - minimum, optimum and maximum torque value.
Range for seamless communication between tools and Wireless Receiver is from 30 m up to 50 m – depends on the environment where tools are used – if it’s free of physical or electric obstacles which may block or interfere with the signal.
Wireless torque tools are perfect fit for quality control units and assembly lines, where precise torque application combined with automatic data transfer, enables to immediately detect any kind of deviations of the currently applied torque from designed torque value. All received data can be also transferred from our collecting data program to Excel, where users can segregate results using their own determinant – like time, date, torque value etc., and using connection via RS cable, customers can transmit data directly from the tools to their already existing data gatherings and quality control systems.


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