Torque Screwdrivers

Electronic Torque Screwdrivers are specialy designed and dedicated to work with very low torque value – measurements starts  from 5 cNm !
Just like other electronic torque tools from our offer they are able to measure torque value with 1% accuracy, can store 2000+ measurements in built-in memory and  transfer saved records to customer data base thanks to PC communication software - delivered free of charge.
Type HH are also available in TAW series (Torque and Angle ) – which can measure angle movement with 1º accuracy.
Offered Torque Screwdrivers are great solution for precise assembly process and quality control .
Menu Options Ez Pro Super
Language, Comms, Peak, Set, Recall, Upload, Clear  
Date, Track, Preset, Units
Display, Large Organic LED
Units: cNm, Nm, kgfm, ozins, lbins, lbft
Alarms: Audible & Visual Signals
Automatic Zero Point Setting
Automatic Power Down
Over-torque: Wrning system on display
Batteries: Lifespan of 180+ hours
Storage Capacity: 2000+  
Language: English
Language: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese    
Language: Russian, Spanish, others on request    
Programmable presets: 99, via PC or directly on Wrench    
Eletronic Calibration: by date or number of measurements  
Accurancy: better than 1% of actual reading LHS & RHS from 10% to 100% of specified range
Display of measurement: Starts from 5% of maximum
Window Excel & SPC compatible    
Comms: USB bi-directional communications  
PLC Communications: Using ASCII or Binary transfer    
Note * Wrench can be configured to client specification 
Track Mode Preset Mode Recall
Displays Actual
Torque as applied
Screen Changes Colour
as Preset Torque reachead
Store & View 2000+
results or Upload to PC or SPC
Micro Screwdriver
Ez Pro Super Drive cNm Nm ozins lbins lbft Length Weight
MS050E MS050P MS050S 1/4" 5-50 .05-.5 7.08-70.8 .44-4.4 - 170mm .72kg
MS150E MS150P MS150S 1/4" 15-150 .15-1.5 21.2-212 1.33-13.3 - 170mm .72kg
MS200E MS200P MS200S 1/4" 20-200 .2-2 28.3-283 1.77-17.7 .14-1.4 170mm .72kg
MS350E MS350P MS350S 1/4" 35-350 .35-3.5 49.5-495 3.1-31 .25-2.5- 170mm .72kg
Hand Held
Ez Pro Super Drive cNm Nm ozins lbins lbft Length Weight
HH035E HH035P HH035S 1/4" 35-350 .35-3.5 49,5-495 3.1-31 0,25-2,5 200mm .4kg
HH050E HH050P HH050S 1/4" 50-500 0,5-5 70,5-705 4,4-44 0,35-3,5 200mm .4kg
HH010E HH010P HH010S 1/4" 100-1000 1-10 - 8,8-88 0,7-7 200mm .4kg
HH012E HH012P HH012S 1/4" 120-1200 1.2-12 - 10,5-105 0,84-8,4 200mm .4kg
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