​Electronic Torque Screwdrivers - advantages and common applications

Electronic Torque Screwdrivers are the main products  in our offer of low torque tools. They are very precise devices, specially designed to carry out very low torque measurements – starting from 5 cNm (0,05 Nm), with very high accuracy – 1% torque reading. They are widely used in applications where the highest precision of torque application is absolutely necessary.
Torque screwdrivers in our offer are divided into two sections – Micro type and Hand Held type. The Micro type is able to measure torque value starting from 5 cNm up to 3,5 Nm with 1% accuracy.
Specialy designed shape of the driver enables operator to precisely apply desired torque value. Operator can choose from  different modes when carrying out measurements.
 Track mode – real time torque reading is displayed on OLED type screen,
 Preset mode - operator is informed by device about reaching  previously set, minimal, optimal and maximal torque value – after reaching of each of these points, display will change colours to yellow, green and red, and device will also give a sound warning of reaching of the set torque values.
Hand Held type is designed to work with higher torque, starting with 0,35 Nm up to 12 Nm. It can also work using presets and track modes, and possess the 1% measurement accuracy. The compact built of the Hand Held type gives it an additional advantage.


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